Lucky D’s Hostel, USA


“It saves me a lot of time and helps generate more income with better pricing.”

Michelle, General Manager

Entrance to the Lucky D's Hostel in San Diego

Located in one of the hottest districts of San Diego – Gaslamp, Lucky D’s Hostel is in the “middle of the action.” And as they say, “You’ll have so many new friends you won’t know what to do with them all” – no wonder they score the best reviews from guests! 

Lucky D’s Hostel offers various types of rooms, for all budgets – from the mixed dormitories to the deluxe private rooms.

How were you doing revenue management before using Pricepoint? What were the challenges you’ve faced?

Michelle :

Before Pricepoint, I did revenue management. It was hard to price it correctly, and I often came too late to raise my prices for unexpected busy periods.

How has Pricepoint helped you in your business?


Pricepoint means I no longer have to spend time seeing how my competitors are pricing, anticipating periods of high demand, and setting prices. It saves me a lot of time and helps generate more income with better pricing. 

What’s your favorite part about using Pricepoint? 


I love that I really don’t need to do anything more once Pricepoint is enabled.

Customer service is great and responsive to any adaptions needed to fit our business better. I highly recommend it.  

About Lucky D's Hostel


Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Type: Hostel

Size: 158 guests


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increase in occupancy in Lucky D's Hostel with Pricepoint. In a form of a graph.

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