Hotel revenue management

Hoteliers. Revenue Managers. Data Scientists. 
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Pricepoint is the culmination of years of experience in travel, hospitality and revenue management.

What we do?

It’s not magic. It’s science.

Our team has 10 years’ experience in hospitality and revenue management. We have one goal: Increase your revenue. That’s why we created Pricepoint. It works around the clock in real-time to forecast your demand and find your optimal rates, using advanced data science and machine-learning techniques.


It was truly remarkable to see that the app can make such a big impact on our revenues from individual guests! We had over 20% increase over the past year!


Owner, 150-guest hotel, Europe

We have been using PricePoint for about 6 months (…) I am 100% confident that overall PricePoint is definitely increasing our revenue by more than its monthly cost and would definitely recommend to anyone.

Owner & Manager, 144-guest hostel, USA

We are using the software since June 2019 (…) I know the revenues are increasing every month compared to the previous year. (…) The software literally spares hours every week for me.

Owner & Manager, 204-guest hostel, Hungary