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per room monthly

Minimum Monthly License:

1 to 15 rooms: $149
16 rooms or more: $246

Billed annually


30-day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime.

AI for hostels

Fully automated


fixed fee monthly 

+ $1 per dorm bed monthly
+ $4 per private room monthly



What you get


Increased revenues!


Real-time price management on OTAs


Performance forecasting


Competitor rate shopper

mobile and web

Mobile & web app


Push notifications


PMS integration

light bulb

Most advanced pricing technology

What others say about us?

Michelle – Owner & Manager, 144-guest hotel, USA

“We have been using PricePoint for about 6 months (…) I am 100% confident that overall PricePoint is definitely increasing our revenue by more than its monthly cost and would definitely recommend to anyone.”

Laco – Owner & Manager, 204-guest hostel, Hungary

“We are using the software since June 2019 (…) I know the revenues are increasing every month compared to the previous year. (…) The software literally spares hours every week for me.”

Emil – Owner & Manager, 150-guest hotel, Poland

“It was truly remarkable to see that the app can make such a big impact on our revenues from individual guests! Over 20% increase over the past year!”