How Our Prices Are Generated

It’s not magic. It’s science.

Historical Data

Pricepoint algorithms become more and more accurate over time as the artificial intelligence learns your hotel booking curves and customer behavior models. 

Pricepoint can start working with no data but it will learn faster and be most effective with 2 years of past bookings. We can get this data from your PMS via API or even from the simple file.

Recent Booking Trends

While historical data helps, there is no two identical days in the history. Current trends, events or weather need to be not only taken into account  but also must be given the priority. That is why, with every single booking, modification, cancellation or just with the time passing by we constantly update and adjust our forecasts to make sure we understand your customers and the current situation.

Change in Availability

Any time the availability changes for a specific room type and stay date, we notice it and we make sure that your prices are optimized. Be it once or several times per day, we will always react in real-time to changes in the circumstances.

Seasonality & Passage of Time

Pricepoint is built to recognize seasonality, occupancy lows and demand peaks. When the time is passing by, independently from occupancy changes that trigger dynamic pricing, Pricepoint will constantly monitor all future dates to ensure your hotel’s prices are up to date and that they can maximize your revenues.

Competitive Positioning

While the decisions of your competitors should not drive your pricing, understanding their decisions can help to understand the overall landscape. Pricepoint helps you to scan the competitors with its built-in Rate Shopper.  


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