The Pineola, North Carolina, USA

“Even though this is our first foray in the hospitality business, we have no stress about our pricing strategy”  Mark Johnson, Owner

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Pineola Lodge

A Charming Mountain Retreat

Located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, The Pineola is a delightful mountain resort property offering a variety of accommodations near top attractions like Grandfather Mountain and Sugar Mountain. With lodge rooms, cozy cabins, and RV sites, this Newland gem provides the perfect home base for exploring the great outdoors. Guests rave about The Pineola’s ideal location, relaxing atmosphere, excellent amenities, friendly staff, and overall outstanding experience. Reviews highlight the cleanliness, comfort, and reasonable pricing of the accommodations at this well-regarded resort.

New Owners, New Technology Approach

When Mark and his team acquired The Pineola three and a half years ago, the property’s booking system was extremely rudimentary – just a pad of paper at the front desk for recording names and phone numbers. Credit cards couldn’t even be accepted over the phone. The new owners immediately set out to modernize operations and invested in hospitality technology solutions like a property management system from Cloudbeds. They also adopted Cloudbeds’ Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE) to help with updating room rates.
However, Mark and his partners soon realized they needed a more sophisticated, automated revenue management tool to truly optimize pricing across all their room types based on complex factors like occupancy, booking pace, seasonality, and more.

Trusting AI to Drive Revenue Growth

That’s when The Pineola turned to Pricepoint, implementing our advanced AI pricing solution just over a year ago. Pricepoint’s machine learning model analyzes a multitude of data points to recommend the ideal daily pricing for each room, allowing properties to maximize revenue.
Mark says, “The three of us had different careers prior to acquiring the Pineola, and even though this is our first foray in the hospitality business, we have no stress about our pricing strategy, especially compared to just over a year ago before we deployed Pricepoint.” He adds, “We have onboarded with several solutions providers since we started out, and Pricepoint offers excellent service, as well as a product we can trust. We saw a 20% increase overall in our revenues for the first year, and have confidence that our upward trend will maintain its course.”
While they do check pricing weekly, the owners largely let Pricepoint’s AI engine drive their revenue strategy. “We mostly let the AI solution drive the results, and it is learning along the way, helping to further optimize pricing moving forward,” Mark notes. By embracing modern technology and putting faith in artificial intelligence, The Pineola has been able to focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience at their charming mountain resort, while Pricepoint’s advanced pricing capabilities work behind the scenes to maximize profitability.

About The Pineola

Location: North Carolina, USA

Type: Hotel

Size: 40 rooms

Breakfast truck - The Pineola lodge

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The Pineola

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