We could tell you all about the fantastic benefits of using revenue management systems (RMS) like Pricepoint in hotels.

But the thing is – it would be from our perspective because, of course, we’re an RMS provider. 

That’s why we have asked our clients about their experience and here is what they had to say:


#1 RMS helps you make informed and strategic decisions


Hotel Whiskey:

“One thing that I do like is seeing what RevPAR is for a room type. We can see what RevPAR is for a room with a balcony as opposed to a regular king room. 

It helps, especially if we want to add new rooms. When we’re looking to do other properties, we can optimize each one based on that info. 

There’s a decent chance this hotel will have new rooms, and if so, that data will for sure play into how we will mix new rooms.”


#2 Revenue Management  System gives you leadership in the market


#3 It saves time which you can invest in improving the quality of your services 


Reykjavik Residence:

“We see a big opportunity. We have different hotel brands, and we’re always looking for more options. Pricepoint gives us leadership in some ways on the market. So, we’re looking for that in the extra time. 

Adding more potential with what we can do when it comes to the quality side of the business. Also generating more sales.”


#4 You can invest additional revenue generated in growing your team


Bedford Plaza:

“Now that I have a fully staffed hotel, we did tremendous business, and I have doubled up.”


#5 It helps you sell all your inventory


Bedford Plaza:

“Except for increasing bookings and revenues, for example, we weren’t selling one of the suite rooms before Pricepoint, and now we’re selling it.”


#6 You don’t have to spend time watching competitors prices (unless you really want to)


Lucky D’s hostel:

“I no longer have to spend time seeing how my competitors are pricing, anticipating periods of high demand, and setting prices. It saves me a lot of time and helps generate more income with better pricing.”


Chats with our customers reminded us that at the end of the day, RMS is a tool – it’s not here to replace revenue managers but enhance their work. When your property doesn’t count with the Revenue Manager, using an AI-driven solution like Pricpepoint can help you generate more revenue. With that revenue, you could hire a professional who could further enhance the use of RMS.

Our team has knowledge and experience in revenue management and is always determined to help you achieve your revenue goals with Pricepoint.


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Written by Ewa Gabara, Marketing Coordinator

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