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for hotels.

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Increase revenues. Respond to demand changes in real-time.

Pricepoint is a real-time price optimization engine pioneered by industry experts and data scientists with two decades of experience building AI-powered revenue management systems. Pricepoint is always analyzing the market and updates room prices to keep you ahead of the curve and in front of your competitors – and it integrates seamlessly with Siteminder!

Using artificial intelligence to understand and analyze a hotel’s performance, Pricepoint optimizes room prices immediately after each availability change.


Increase Revenues

According to our case studies, our customers saw a 19% increase in revenues and a 13.4% increase in occupancies on average


Save Time

Pricepoint is fully automated and optimizes room prices in real-time. Save hours of time each week that can be put towards creating five-star guest experiences.

Stay In Control

Pricepoint is not just another tool for you to manage – it’s a room pricing solution. Our easy-to-use mobile app means you stay in control while Pricepoint optimizes your hotel’s performance.

Success Stories

Hotel Whiskey from the outside

Hotel Whiskey, USA

11 rooms | Boutique hotel

“With Pricepoint in January, we projected $12,5K in hotel sales and we brought in $23,5K. So, I think it was pretty dramatic.”

 Michael, owner and manager

Hotel Whiskey from the outside

Reykjavik Residence, Iceland

63 rooms | Boutique hotel

“Pricepoint gives us leadership in some ways on the market.”

Guðbjartur Árnason, Sales manager

Entrance to the Lucky D's Hostel in San Diego

The Beekman Tower, USA

118 rooms | Boutique Hotel

“Had we not had Pricepoint, I would leave a lot of money on the table.”

Ryan, SVP of Operations


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Michelle – Owner & Manager, 144-guest hotel, USA

“We have been using PricePoint for about 6 months (…) I am 100% confident that overall PricePoint is definitely increasing our revenue by more than its monthly cost and would definitely recommend to anyone.”