Power up Mews with Pricepoint’s AI

Pricepoint solves the problem of managing pricing. Our powerful AI analyzes hotel performance, market demand and competitors to find the optimal room prices and automatically updates them in Mews.

No more guesswork. We use real data to optimize your prices so you have more time to create 5-star guest experiences.


We can have you up and running in only a day! No credit card required. No obligation.

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Pricepoint x Mews:
Making your hotel more lucrative

Large hotels and airlines have leveraged this for years – dynamic pricing is the key to maximizing profits.

  • When demand goes up, prices are raised to increase revenues.
  • When demand goes down, prices are dropped to ensure booking.

Pricepoint automatically optimizes room prices after every booking changes – it’s impossible to manage your revenue and occupancies more efficiently.

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Working together for your benefit

20 to 80x ROI with Pricepoint

We increase your revenues

The average Pricepoint customer sees a 19% increase in revenues, a 13.4% increase in occupancy, and a 20-80x return on investment.

5-star guest experience

You save time

Pricepoint starts working fast and keeps working around the clock – even while you sleep. Instead of spending time calculating prices, you can focus on creating 5-star guest experiences.

Pricepoint is 100% trustworthy

Pricepoint solves pricing

Pricepoint analyzes historical data, runs forecasts, and utilizes advanced AI learning techniques to automatically optimize prices after every availability change. Rest easy knowing you simply cannot set prices more efficiently.

They trust us

Hotel Tech Report 97% Satisfaction Rate

97% User Satisfaction

We only work with happy customers!

HotelTech Report 5/5 Customer Support

5/5 Customer Service

We pick up the phone and are here for you.

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Our experts are published worldwide.

Success Stories

Entrance to the Lucky D's Hostel in San Diego

The Beekman Tower, USA

118 rooms | Boutique Hotel

“Had we not had Pricepoint, I would leave a lot of money on the table.”

Ryan, SVP of Operations

Beverly Hills Hotel and Spa

Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel & Spa

116 rooms | Hotel

I really like that it saves more time. I can blast through a whole month really quickly!

Sam Chang, Sales & Reservations Manager

Hotel Whiskey from the outside

Reykjavik Residence, Iceland

63 rooms | Boutique hotel

“Pricepoint gives us leadership in some ways on the market.”

Guðbjartur Árnason, Sales manager

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