The automated Revenue Management System or RMS is software that helps hoteliers carry out revenue management responsibilities more efficiently. This type of software usually analyzes the booking trends and market data 24/7 to optimize the prices of each room in a hotel. To be more specific, RMS should increase the prices when the demand is high, and decrease them when the demand is low. This allows  maximizing your earning potential from each sales  channel  by leveraging the market dynamics and the power of a revenue management system. RMS users can also save their time as they don’t need to put any manual effort into deciding room prices.

We hope that the perks of using revenue management systems are clear to you. Now the biggest question is, what is the best RMS that you can trust to automate revenue management and boost profit? Pricepoint is one of the best alternatives on the market for independent hotels. This post aims to shed light on Pricepoint’s working principles and its value proposition. So, continue reading if you want to increase your revenue by 20% and gain a competitive edge. 

Pricepoint in a Glimpse

Pricepoint is an AI-driven, fully automated revenue management software for hotels. We leverage technology to enable real-time dynamic pricing. It empowers hotels and lets them always maintain their prices at the optimal level to boost their profitability. Our customers increase revenues on average by 10 – 25%  and occupancy by 13.9% by investing in our software.

How Does Pricepoint Work?

Our pricing intelligence keeps assessing the property performances round the clock and sends the optimal prices to OTA (Online Travel Agents)  like Expedia, Tripping.com, FlipKey, Airbnb, OneFineStay, and Booking.com, HouseTrip, HomeToGo, etc. This is how Pricepoint increases the revenue and occupancy rates of its users.

Value Proposition

There are several reasons that set Pricepoint apart from the other revenue management systems. Let’s start with the cost-effectiveness of our product. We charge as low as $6 per month to hoteliers for each of their rooms. This cost seems nothing if you compare it with the earning potential that Pricepoint can generate for your room. Do not see our fee as a cost to run your business. Instead, consider it as an investment that has multibagger potential. 

Ease of use is another benefit that makes Pricepoint far better than the other revenue management systems available in the market. Our experts will connect Pricepoint to your PMS to collect data. After data collection, our AI-driven revenue management system will generate optimum prices for each room of your hotel. The optimized final price will be updated to your PMS automatically. You don’t have to put any effort into managing this operation. Pricepoint’s algorithm is smart enough to determine the best prices of your hotel rooms based on demand and booking trends. However, you can use our mobile app to control operations and monitor performance.

We hope that now you have understood why Pricepoint is one of the best-automated revenue management software for hotels. You can confidently invest in our revenue management system to solve the problem of pricing. Book for a demo now and try our 30-day free trial. Let us help you boost revenue and occupancy in your hotel.

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