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Let Pricepoint optimize your prices in real-time so you never leave money on the table.


No credit card required. No fixed-term contract.


Increase your revenue easily.

No matter the size of your business, Pricepoint is here to save you time and money. Our team is very experienced with the ownership and operation of hostels, so we know the challenges a hostel owner faces – and we’re here to help.

Try Pricepoint for 30 days for free, and see just how the AI-powered dynamic pricing engine can optimize occupancies and revenues for you.




We bring results

According to our case studies, our customers saw a 19% increase in revenues and a 13.4% increase in occupancies on average once they implemented Pricepoint.

We make it easy

Pricepoint is fully automated and optimizes room prices in real-time. Save hours of time each week that can be put towards creating five-star guest experiences.

We understand hostels

Pricepoint has experience wit hostels. That’s why we adapt our pricing to fit your needs.

We integrate seamlessly with your PMS or Channel Manager

Pricepoint connects directly to your PMS and gathers historical data so our AI-based algorithm can generate optimal prices. This will be automatically uploaded to your PMS, no extra steps required. Sit back, enjoy, and observe your pickup!


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Pricing for Hostels

Fully-automated, real-time price management

$50  fixed monthly fee

+$1 per bed monthly

Success Stories

Entrance to the Lucky D's Hostel in San Diego

Lucky D’s Hostel, USA

158 guests | Hostels

“Pricepoint saves me a lot of time and helps generate more income with better pricing.”

Michelle, General Manager

Budapest Budget Hostel building

Budapest Budget Hostel, Hungry

250 guests | Hostels

“Once Pricepoint took over pricing management, that was a big help. And it became more effective. Pricepoint is working non-stop, so it was there to do the proper steps whenever something happened, which is impossible for the human being.

Lacó Papp, Sales Manager

Entrance to the Lucky D's Hostel in San Diego

The Beekman Tower, USA

118 rooms | Boutique Hotel

“Had we not had Pricepoint, I would leave a lot of money on the table.”

Ryan, SVP of Operations

30-day Free trial. Free setup. No credit card required.