Recently, Booking.com announced it would discontinue a number of BookingSuite products, including WebDirect, ChoicePro, BookingButton and RateIntelligence as of November 30th.

Don’t panic, here’s 3 reasons why this could be a perfect opportunity to empower your system with an even better rate shopper like Pricepoint to boost your sales.


  1. BookingSuites Rate intelligence tool was never that powerful to begin with

The software was not without its faults, it focused heavily on a small set of direct competitors to a hotel or hostel owners’ property which meant it provided a lack luster idea of the market as a whole.  It only showed the median price of your competitors for a specific room type and also the cheapest available room. It also provided an undefined demand forecast. It sent only one daily notification email about where your prices were in relation to your competitors. For a basic free version of a rate shopper tool, sure it got the job done, but left many features to be desired and failed to give a complete impression of the current market as a whole.


  1. Pricepoint uses better, faster and more advanced dynamic pricing and forecasting.


In these daunting times of uncertainties and unknowns, demand for hotels and hostels is practically impossible to predict. Those trying to continue using manual and fixed pricing to respond to the unpredictability and the unprecedented variability in demand are accepting a huge risk of failure.

Pricepoints occupancy & demand forecasts and dynamic pricing offer resilience, versatility, and competitive leverage to our customers. By ensuring the highest quality of calculations using   advanced statistical methodologies to analyze the multitude of possible scenarios and conclude with the most probable vision of the future.


  1. Our interface is gorgeous and user friendly…but you won’t use it.

100% of Pricepoints customers are running our software in Auto-Pilot mode. Pricepoints revenue management systems can send pricing and occupancy decisions to other selling systems, such as property management or central reservations systems.

Pricepoints automation also bolsters work productivity by using an automated pricing technology you significantly reduce the time and energy spent manually collecting, entering, analyzing, and reporting market data.

Simply put our automated process serves as the binding agent between our solid revenue management strategy and its deployment, with the integration between each system acting as quality control to reduce human errors and ensure consistency. Intelligent solutions and processes like Pricepoint’s revenue management solutions driven by automation and machine learning algorithms is an important facet to creating long-term resilience in a currently disrupted and fast-paced hospitality industry.



Wyatt Niblett-Wilson, Marketing Coordinator

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