Guest Blog by Vania Koen

Hospitality businesses are rapidly investing in technologies, and your business should follow suit. A survey by the New York University Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality and technology company StaynTouch revealed that around 81.7% of hotels have implemented or were planning to implement new technologies last year. One can expect more hospitality businesses to invest in more tools this year, especially since customers have embraced technology and expect businesses to offer contactless options.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors this year, one of the factors that you should focus on is the technologies that you use in your business. Businesses that need a technology upgrade can stand out in the industry this year through the following innovations:

Automated revenue management systems

When was the last time you updated your products and service rates? You may lose potential revenue from consumers or end up offering rates that aren’t competitive, especially if your staff struggles with creating the right pricing strategy.

Fortunately, you can optimize your pricing strategy this year by investing in the right technology. Our article on the ‘Impact of Automation on Hospitality Revenue Management’ explains that fully automated hotel revenue management software programs can streamline the process of setting the right room price at the right time. The software program uses artificial intelligence to speed up the assessment of market trends, demand forecasts, and other market conditions to continuously update your room rates in real time. Through this AI-based system, you can easily identify the most optimal rates for your hotel and your target market.

Digital marketing technology

Hospitality businesses often market their hotels through social media platforms, influencers, and e-mails. However, many consumers look for hotels to visit through search engines, which is why it’s important to give your digital marketing efforts an upgrade this year.

Rather than just doing social media posts or sending marketing emails, Ayima states that technology-driven digital marketing strategies can help your brand rank high on search engines and drive traffic to your website. You can boost your website’s SEO performance in 2023 by leveraging technology to discover the optimal keywords for your website and publish relevant content. Aside from that, you can also use data analytics tools like Hotel IQ or Hotellistat to uncover the patterns of online consumers and make your marketing campaigns more relevant for this year.

Virtual reality tours

You can also attract more travelers to your business by giving them an advanced tour of your facilities. Both local and international travelers will find it easier to assess the ambiance and the aesthetics of your establishment, especially if you offer virtual reality tours for prospective customers.

Hospitality Technology explains that virtual tours are usually offered on the websites and social media accounts of destinations, hotels, and convention centers because it allows people to experience the environment before their trip. For instance, Best Western and Disney partnered up so that guests can use VR technologies to interact with Disney characters. You can follow their footsteps this year and offer virtual tours of the key attractions in your establishment to convince people to book a reservation.

IoT devices in hotel rooms

You can encourage hotel guests to return to your establishment by providing excellent customer service. The good news is that several technologies can help you improve your guests’ experience.

To illustrate, you can invest in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that help you create smart hotel rooms that allow guests to control their environment through smartphones or even voice control. IoT is a network of connected devices that can communicate through the cloud, so guests can use these technologies to conveniently control their room’s lights, thermostats, and door locks without leaving the comforts of the couch or the bed. These innovative technologies will ensure that your guests will be more comfortable and satisfied with their stay at your hotel this year.

Tip management apps

Aside from investing in technologies that can satisfy your customers, you can also leverage in products that can increase the motivation and retention of your staff. One of these technologies are tip management apps, which can make it easier for your employees to access the tips they’ve accumulated during their service.

One of these apps is TipHaus, which allows employees to get payouts of their tips on the same day and directly transfer it from their debit cards to their bank accounts. All the tip payments made through the app are completely automated, tracked, and transparent, so that service employees can justly get the bonuses that they deserve for their hard work. This app will reward your business with an easier tip management process and a more engaged workforce.

Through these technology upgrades, your hospitality business can attract and satisfy more customers this year. If you want to impress potential clients, you can start by optimizing your rates through Pricepoint. Our AI-powered dynamic pricing system responds to demand changes in real time, allowing you to offer better room prices as compared to your competitors.

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